Walk Away Depression

Solvitur Ambulando

All the great prophets, saints, teachers, healers, mystics were walkers.
Many forms of shamanic work, spiritual practices and religions hold a pilgrimage as one of the highest forms of spiritual growth, insight and healing.

Walk and Talk Therapy

I love taking my clients on walks.  This helps the blood to flow, the breath to deepen and allows clients to not feel as confronted as they might in an office setting.  Of course it also burns calories and develops a good habit of simple physical activity.

  • Studies show that exercise alters neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine in the brain’s frontal cortex and the hippocampus, both involved in circuits of emotion; the changes are similar to those produced by antidepressants.
  • It appears to stimulate the vagus nerve, improving function of the brain’s emotion-sensing network as well as of the heart. The vagus nerve is increasingly recognized as an important pathway of depression.
  • By acting on neurohormones that govern the stress response, exercise seems to improve the ability of the body to tolerate stress and to meet changing demands. A dysregulated stress response, perhaps stemming from early psychological trauma, is implicated as a cause of depression.
  • Exercise has definite cognitive effects; it changes people’s perception of themselves, providing a sense of personal mastery and positive self-regard. It also reduces negative thinking.
  • Additionally, anxious or grief-stricken patients are also well served by walk and talk psychotherapy. “Because grief can be so totally consuming and feel so heavy, having the counterpoint of being outdoors and accomplishing something positive for one’s health can provide a sense of aliveness.”
  • Exercise keeps on working, making it especially promising for preventing depression recurrences. People who continue to exercise have continuing reductions in symptoms.Call me to set up a Walk and Talk session !

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