First on the Dance Floor

I talk a lot with people about “being the first person on the dance floor”.

Today I saw something that illustrates that so absolutely clearly that I want to share with you all what I mean by that !

It’s taking the risk of being judged, by stepping into a vulnerability, to allowing/giving permission for a deeper exchange with a fellow human being.

Have you ever been to a party and there’s music playing ? A lot of people are tapping their feet and bobbing their heads until finally someone has the courage to be “silly/weird” (elderly persons get called “cute”) and steps out on the dance floor.

This first ice-breaker takes a risk in the social order of the herd where we are always torn between wanting to be accepted and being an individual.

Very quickly this person’s action will transform the atmosphere of the place and lift it to a higher level. A higher level of joy, of physical activity and of inter-connection.

Take a look at this video and listen to the reactions (and notice your inner voice’s reaction) as this guy goes from “silly person” to “hero of the party”….

Did you see how by the end, people didn’t just walk over to join in ?
They couldn’t run fast enough to be part of it !

That’s how it is with our thoughts and feelings !

Materialistically we, in the West, have more than overflowing abundance for our survival but we have very high levels of fear, anxiety, isolation, depression and a general sense of meaninglessness.

Why ? One of the major factors most phychologists agree on is a lack of (genuine) connection to others.

If you take the “risk” to start a conversation with someone about your worries, about your concerns for the future, about politics, when you share with someone what keeps you from sleeping at night or how it makes you happy just sitting in the grass, how you don’t think “being busy” is a badge of honor, or that working harder to buy that shinier car only felt amazing in the first few days , whatever is near and dear to you, express it !

I bet you will not be on that “dance floor” alone for long.

You just gave the other person strength to open up, to be vulnerable, to be a human.

It might not always be considered “appropriate” by some to be real like this, to be peronal, but I don’t think a society of people sitting in their seats, clenching their butts and wishing they were dancing but instead are sad and depressed and missing connection is appropriate.

See you on the Dance Floor !

Until We Break Bread Together,

Caspar Poyck


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